We are Brian and Lori Young and we have been breeding and raising Havanese for about 10 years. I am a retired dental hygienist and my husband farms. We have lived on our farm on the Idaho/Oregon border for about 18 years now. Our first Havanese was Crystal and she is still a big part of our family. Crystal came to us in the winter during my husband’s off season, so they formed a very tight bond and she quickly became his dog. The kids and I decided we needed a dog of our own, so we added Lexie to our family. Lexie and Crystal are retired now, but they still try relentlessly to mother some of the other moms and their pups.


When we first started looking for a puppy for our family I wanted a breed that was hypoallergenic, was not yappy, good with children and a lap dog. We considered getting a puppy from the humane society, but with small children and a bad experience in the past, we decided against it. At the time, I was unaware of puppy mills and more concerned about how much they would cost. Over time I began to realize that there is a huge difference in the quality and health of puppies from different breeders. A few years after Lexie joined us we purchased a puppy from another state, sight unseen. She was AKC registered and well over $1000.00, so I assumed she would be a good quality puppy. I could tell from the start that she had a pretty severe underbite and was unable to eat kibble without it falling out of her mouth and she presented with a hernia. Neither issue was visible from the pictures we had seen. Hernias can be repaired when the pup is fixed, but we did not know if it was hereditary or mom had pulled too hard on the cord during the birthing process and the breeder was not forthcoming with the information. Obviously not breeding quality and our vet confirmed this, so a friend agreed to take her in and I learned a huge lesson. This is when I started doing tons of research online and talking with people that had the experience and knowledge I lacked. I realized that even show dogs can have health problems that show up in their lines even after they have been shown to championship. I also learned that there are far worse hereditary health problems out there than underbites and hernias and it broke my heart. So here is my commitment to you and your family. My number one priority is bringing you a healthy puppy and I think my health guarantee shows how important that is to me. I also want to make the transition from my house to yours as easy as possible, so please check out the puppy care page which shows my efforts in making this happen. The puppy care page also explains how we socialize the puppies from the day they are born in order to bring you happy, well adjusted puppies. My goal is to continue the relationship between us and the new puppy families for years to come.



One puppy at a time